The test−retest reproducibility of the multiple array probe Leiden in men with lower urinary tract symptoms

Martina Beverini, Selma Goes, Lambertus P.W. Witte, Gommert A. van Koeveringe, Nienke van der Laan, Grietje E. Knol-de Vries, Marco H. Blanker*

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Background: We aimed to study the test–retest reliability of the Multiple Array Probe Leiden (MAPLe), a multiple electrode probe designed to acquire and discriminate electromyography signals in the pelvic floor muscles, in men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). Methods: Adult male patients with LUTS with sufficient knowledge of Dutch language, but without complications (e.g., urinary tract infection), or previous urologic cancer and/or urologic surgery were enrolled. In the initial study, next to physical examination and uroflowmetry, all men underwent MAPLe assessment at baseline and after 6 weeks. Second, participants were reinvited for a new assessment using a stricter protocol. A time interval of 2 h (M2) and 1 week (M3) after baseline (M1) allowed the calculation of the intraday agreement (M1 vs. M2), and the interday agreement (M1 vs. M3) for all 13 MAPLe variables. Results: The outcomes of the initial study in 21 men suggested a poor test−retest reliability. The second study in 23 men showed a good test−retest reliability with intraclass correlations ranging from 0.61 (0.12−0.86) to 0.91 (0.81−0.96). The agreement was generally higher for the intraday determinations than for the interday determinations. Conclusions: This study revealed a good test−retest reliability of the MAPLe device in men with LUTS, when using a strict protocol. With a less strict protocol, the test−retest reliability of MAPLe was poor in this sample. To make valid interpretations of this device in a clinical or research setting, a strict protocol is needed.

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TijdschriftNeurourology and urodynamics
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StatusPublished - apr.-2023


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