The TNG50-SKIRT Atlas: Post-processing methodology and first data release

Maarten Baes, Andrea Gebek, Ana Trčka, Peter Camps, Arjen Van Der Wel, Abdurro'uf, Nick Andreadis, Sena Bokona Tulu, Abdissa Tassama Emana, Jacopo Fritz, Raymond Kelly, Inja Kovačić, Antonio La Marca, Marco Martorano, Aleksandr Mosenkov, Angelos Nersesian, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Crescenzo Tortora, Bert Vander Meulen, Lingyu Wang

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Galaxy morphology is a powerful diagnostic to assess the realism of cosmological hydrodynamical simulations. Determining the morphology of simulated galaxies requires the generation of synthetic images through 3D radiative transfer post-processing that properly accounts for different stellar populations and interstellar dust attenuation. We use the SKIRT code to generate the TNG50-SKIRT Atlas, a synthetic UV to near-infrared broadband image atlas for a complete stellar-mass selected sample of 1154 galaxies extracted from the TNG50 cosmological simulation at z = 0. The images have a high spatial resolution (100 pc) and a wide field of view (160 kpc). In addition to the dust-obscured images, we also release dust-free images and physical parameter property maps with matching characteristics. As a sanity check and preview application we discuss the UVJ diagram of the galaxy sample. We investigate the effect of dust attenuation on the UVJ diagram and find that it affects both the star-forming and the quiescent galaxy populations. The quiescent galaxy region is polluted by younger and star-forming highly inclined galaxies, while dust attenuation induces a separation in inclination of the star-forming galaxy population, with low-inclination galaxies remaining at the blue side of the diagram and high-inclination galaxies systematically moving towards the red side. This image atlas can be used for a variety of other applications, including galaxy morphology studies and the investigation of local scaling relations. We publicly release the images and parameter maps, and we invite the community to use them.

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TijdschriftAstronomy and Astrophysics
StatusPublished - 1-mrt.-2024


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