The Ursa Major Cluster of galaxies .1. Cluster definition and photometric data

RB Tully*, MAW Verheijen, MJ Pierce, RJ Wainscoat

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The Ursa Major Cluster has received remarkably little attention, although it is as near as the Virgo Cluster and contains a comparable number of H I-rich galaxies. In this paper, criteria for group membership are discussed and data are presented for 79 galaxies identified with the group. Of these, all 79 have been imaged at B,R,I bands with CCDs, 70 have been imaged at K' with a HgCdTe array detector, and 70 have been detected in the H I 21 cm line. A complete sample of 62 galaxies brighter than M(B)=-16.5 is identified. Images and gradients in surface brightness and color are presented at a common linear scale. As has been seen previously, the galaxies with the reddest global colors are reddest at the centers and get bluer at large radii. However, curiously, among the galaxies with the bluest global colors there are systems with very blue cores that get redder at large radii. (C) 1996 American Astronomical Society.

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TijdschriftThe Astronomical Journal
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StatusPublished - dec-1996

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