The ventromedial hypothalamus and aggressive behaviour in rats

B. Olivier

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Male rats were given bilateral lesions in either the anterior or posterior ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH). The intermale aggressive behaviour of these animals within their own territory was observed before and after the surgical procedure and compared with the behaviour of sham‐operated animals.

The effects of anterior VMH lesions include an increased tendency to respond with frontal threatening upon approach of a conspecific male. This behaviour closely resembles the aggressive responses described in “shock‐induced aggression” tests.

Posterior VMH lesions facilitate territorial aggressive behaviour characterized by approaching the opponent followed by lateral threatening and fighting.

It is suggested that 2 distinct neural substrates exist, which serve to inhibit defensive (anterior‐VMH) and offensive (posterior‐VMH) intermale aggression, respectively.
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StatusPublished - 1977

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