The Westerbork HI survey of spiral and irregular galaxies - I. HI imaging of late-type dwarf galaxies

R A Swaters*, T S Van Albada, J M van der Hulst, R Sancisi

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Neutral hydrogen observations with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope are presented for a sample of 73 late-type dwarf galaxies. These observations are part of the WHISP project (Westerbork Hi Survey of Spiral and Irregular Galaxies). Here we present Hi maps, velocity fields, global profiles and radial surface density profiles of Hi, as well as Hi masses, Hi radii and line widths. For the late-type galaxies in our sample, we find that the ratio of Hi extent to optical diameter, defined as 6.4 disk scale lengths, is on average 1.8 +/- 0.8, similar to that seen in spiral galaxies. Most of the dwarf galaxies in this sample are rich in Hi with a typical M-HI/L-B of 1.5. The relative H I content M-HI/L-R increases towards fainter absolute magnitudes and towards fainter surface brightnesses. Dwarf galaxies with lower average H I column densities also have lower average optical surface brightnesses. We find that lopsidedness is as common among dwarf galaxies as it is in spiral galaxies. About half of the dwarf galaxies in our sample have asymmetric global profiles, a third has a lopsided H I distribution, and about half shows signs of kinematic lopsidedness.

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StatusPublished - aug.-2002

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