TIPS for Scaling up Research in Upper Limb Prosthetics

Corry K. van der Sluis*, Raoul M. Bongers

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Many research initiatives have been employed in upper limb prosthetics (ULP) in the last few decades. The body of knowledge is growing and inspired by new and interesting technology that has been brought to the market to facilitate functioning of people with upper limb defects. However, a lot of research initiatives do not reach the target population. Several reasons can be identified as to why research does not move beyond the lab, such as lack of research quality, disappointing results of new initiatives, lack of funding to further develop promising initiatives, and poor implementation or dissemination of results. In this paper, we will appraise the current status of the research in ULP. Furthermore, we will try to provide food for thought to scale up research in ULP, focusing on (1) translation of research findings, (2) the quality of innovations in the light of evidence-based medicine and evidence-based practice, (3) patient involvement, and (4) spreading of research findings by focusing on implementation and dissemination of results and collaboration in a national and international perspective. With this paper, we aim to open the discussion on scaling up research in the community of professionals working in the field of ULP.

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StatusPublished - dec.-2020

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