Tools for Reflection: Or How to Teach Television History in the Era of Digitization

Jasmijn Van Gorp, Tom Slootweg



    Over the past decades, the growing digitization of TV archives presents new challenges for teaching television history. More and more, TV-collections have become digital data and this developments warrants new modes of inquiry, but also a new didactic approach. This poster aims to propose several strategies to rethink teaching television history and the academic skills to be developed by students. These strategies not only affect teaching TV history but also the Humanities in general.
    First, we discuss the challenges surrounding teaching Digital Humanities (DH). Second, we propose the integration of tool criticism with the scholarly practice of reflexivity. Third, we introduce the notion of “plug-in” assignments and discuss two “tools for reflection”: (1) research diaries and (2) video posters.
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    StatusPublished - 2018
    Evenement2018 Digital Humanities Community Event - Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
    Duur: 7-nov.-2018 → …


    Conference2018 Digital Humanities Community Event
    Periode07/11/2018 → …
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