Toward Manipulating Quantum Information with Atomic Ensembles

M.D. Lukin, A. André, M.D. Eisaman, M. Hohensee, D.F. Phillips, C.H. van der Wal, R.L. Walsworth, A.S. Zibrov


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We review several ideas for manipulation of quantum information using atomic ensembles and photons and describe some preliminary experiments toward their implementation. In particular, we review a technique that allows for robust transfer of quantum states between light fields and metastable states of matter. Next we discuss the use of Raman scattering to produce robust entanglement of atomic ensembles via realistic (i.e., absorbing) channels. Finally, we present preliminary experimental results related to the implementation of entanglement via Raman scattering. Specifically, we present experimental studies of the intensity fluctuations in resonantly enhanced Raman scattering from a warm 85Rb vapor cell under conditions of EIT. A crossover between the Bose-Einstein and Poisson statistics of Raman light is observed and it is shown that the noise properties of Raman fields can be mirrored in transmitted pump beams.
Originele taal-2English
UitgeverijUniversity of Groningen, The Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials
Aantal pagina's10
StatusPublished - 2003

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