Towards Liveable Cities: Progress in the European Union Urban Environmental Agenda

Christian Zuidema*, Gert De Roo

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The 2006 oThematic Strategy on the Urban Environmento is the first piece of official European Union (EU) policy solely focused on the urban environment. It follows a process of several years in which the EU has tried to promote an integrated approach to urban management. During the 2005-2007 oLiveable Citieso project, reflection was given to the oThematic Strategyo. This resulted in important critiques on the EU's approach to the urban environment. Explaining how the initial top-down approach chosen by the EU contributed to the perceived ofailureo of the oThematic Strategyo, suggestions are made for alternative approaches to the creation of liveable cities in Europe.

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TijdschriftEuropean Planning Studies
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StatusPublished - 2009

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