Towards Real-Time Monitoring of Data Centers Using Edge Computing



Introducing the Internet of Things paradigm to data centers enables real-time monitoring on a scale that has not been seen before. Real-time monitoring promises to reduce the data center’s operational costs and increase energy savings. As data centers can house over a hundred thousand servers, the potential number of data points that can be collected every minute is in the order of hundreds of millions. In this work-in-progress paper, we stipulate about the impact that real-time monitoring of data centers has on the network infrastructure, and demonstrate that the impact is indeed significant enough to disrupt the data center’s network. We therefore propose a preliminary solution based on edge computing that minimizes the load on the network when performing real-time monitoring of a data center.
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StatusPublished - 27-mrt.-2020
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EvenementESOCC 2020: Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing -
Duur: 28-sep.-202030-dec.-2020
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ConferenceESOCC 2020: Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing
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