Towards Unsupervised Familiar Scene Recognition in Egocentric Videos

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Nowadays, there is an upsurge of interest in using lifelogging devices. Such devices generate huge amounts of image data; consequently, the need for automatic methods for analyzing and summarizing these data is drastically increasing. We present a new method for familiar scene recognition in egocentric videos, based on background pattern detection through automatically configurable COSFIRE filters. We present some experiments over egocentric data acquired with the Narrative Clip.
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TitelAutonomous Systems 2015 - Proceedings of the 8th GI Conference
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StatusPublished - 2015
EvenementAutonomous Systems 2015-the 8th GI Conference - Hotel Sabina Playa C/ Es Rafal nº 4,07560, Cala Millor, Spain
Duur: 25-okt-201530-okt-2015

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ConferenceAutonomous Systems 2015-the 8th GI Conference
StadCala Millor

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