Toxicological evaluation of naringin-loaded nanocapsules in vitro and in vivo

Renata Gancine Budel, Denise Ajala da Silva, Michele Pereira Moreira, Ana Júlia Figueiró Dalcin, Aline Franzen da Silva, Luiza Reali Nazario, Julia Huppes Majolo, Leonardo Quintana Soares Lopes, Roberto Christ Vianna Santos, Felix Alexandre Antunes Soares, Rosane Souza da Silva, Patrícia Gomes, Carina Rodrigues Boeck

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Naringin is a flavonoid widely known for its pharmacological properties, such as: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ones, being an ally to avoid oxidative damage. Although naringin is an active easily found in citrus fruits, it has low bioavailability, biodistribution and also undergoes biotransformation in naringenin, limiting the described effects. The use of nanocapsules as drug carriers may increase solubility, improve biodistribution, impede the biotransformation thereof, and thus could improve the performance of naringin for use in treating neurological diseases. Therefore, the objective of this work is to produce a nanocapsule containing naringin, validate an analytical method by RP-HPLC to determination of the drug in nanoparticle and evaluate the toxicity. To that end, the blank nanocapsules (NB, without the drug) or naringin-loaded nanocapsules (NN) at the concentration of 2 mg/mL were prepared by interfacial deposition of the preformed polymer and the quantification of naringin by HPLC. Toxicity of the formulations was evaluated in vitro in rat hippocampal slices and in vivo models with C. elegans and Danio rerio (zebrafish). The analytical parameters evaluated (linearity, limit of detection and quantification, specificity, precision, accuracy and robustness) indicated adequate method to assay of naringin in nanocapsules by HPLC. There was no indication of toxicity by the nanocapsules in the evaluated biological assays.

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TijdschriftColloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
StatusPublished - apr.-2020
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