TRANSAUTOPHAGY: European network for multidisciplinary research and translation of autophagy knowledge

Caty Casas*, Patrice Codogno, Marcello Pinti, Henri Batoko, María Morán, Tassula Proikas-Cezanne, Fulvio Reggiori, Agnieszka Sirko, María S Soengas, Guillermo Velasco, Frank Lafont, Jon Lane, Mathias Faure, Andrea Cossarizza

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A collaborative consortium, named "TRANSAUTOPHAGY," has been created among European research groups, comprising more than 150 scientists from 21 countries studying diverse branches of basic and translational autophagy. The consortium was approved in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Program in November 2015 as a COST Action of the European Union (COST means: CO-operation in Science and Technology), and will be sponsored for 4 years. TRANSAUTOPHAGY will form an interdisciplinary platform for basic and translational researchers, enterprises and stakeholders of diverse disciplines (including nanotechnology, bioinformatics, physics, chemistry, biology and various medical disciplines). TRANSAUTOPHAGY will establish 5 different thematic working groups, formulated to cooperate in research projects, share ideas, and results through workshops, meetings and short term exchanges of personnel (among other initiatives). TRANSAUTOPHAGY aims to generate breakthrough multidisciplinary knowledge about autophagy regulation, and to boost translation of this knowledge into biomedical and biotechnological applications.

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StatusPublished - 2016

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