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This chapter presents material on knowledge transfer activities aiming at knowledge integration. As discussed in Chap. 2, the latter involves a process of identifying, acquiring and using external knowledge. New product-developing small firms often need external knowledge due to the staff deficiencies and specialisation of these firms (see Chap. 1). In earlier chapters, it was shown that knowledge integration may be achieved by transferring explicit knowledge, and/or knowledge holders and that nurturing this process is important. This chapter shows that differences in knowledge and experience between a firm in need of external knowledge and the supplier of this knowledge are both a main source of advantage of knowledge transfer, as well as a barrier to successful transfer. It will be shown that, even if one knows which knowledge is needed, and where this knowledge is, an intensive process is needed to successfully implement external knowledge in an NPD process. The structure of the chapter follows this logic. The theoretical part (Sect. 9.2) shows that, considering the nature of knowledge and structures of networks especially in NPD processes, knowledge transfer involves methods of network management. The role of interaction in networks and the concept of absorptive capacity are described and ways to overcome these difficulties are outlined in the last part of the theory. The second part of the chapter (Sect. 9.3) describes the WAP case in which mechanisms of network-based knowledge transfer are illustrated. Conclusions for practice and research implications conclude this chapter.

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