Translation and Psychometric Evaluation of the Dutch Families Importance in Nursing Care: Nurses' Attitudes Scale Based on the Generalized Partial Credit Model

E I Hagedoorn*, W Paans, T Jaarsma, J C Keers, C P van der Schans, M L Luttik, W P Krijnen

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    The instrument called Families Importance in Nursing Care-Nurses' Attitudes (FINC-NA) is used to measure nurses' attitudes toward involving families in their nursing care. The aim of this study is to evaluate the FINC-NA scale in a population of Dutch nurses and add new psychometric information to existing knowledge about this instrument. Using a cross-sectional design, 1,211 nurses received an online application in 2015. Psychometric properties were based on polychoric correlations and the Generalized Partial Credit Model. A total of 597 (49%) nurses responded to the online application. Results confirmed a four-subscale structure. All response categories were utilized, although some ceiling effects occurred. Most items increase monotonically, and the majority of items discriminate well between different latent trait scores of nurses with some items providing more information than others. This study reports the psychometric properties of the Dutch language FINC-NA instrument. New insights into the construct and content of items enable the possibility of a more generic instrument that could be valid across several cultures.

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    TijdschriftJournal of family nursing
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    StatusPublished - nov-2018

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