Traveling-wave deceleration of SrF molecules

J.E. van den Berg, Sreekanth Chirayath Mathavan, C. Meinema, Janko Nauta, T. H. Nijbroek, K. Jungmann, H. L. Bethlem, S. Hoekstra*

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We report on the production, deceleration and detection of a SrF molecular beam. The molecules are captured from a supersonic expansion and are decelerated in the X-2 Sigma(+) (v = 0, N = 1) state. We demonstrate the removal of up to 40% of the kinetic energy with a 2 m long modular traveling-wave decelerator. Our results demonstrate a crucial step towards the preparation of ultracold gases of heavy diatomic molecules for precision spectroscopy.

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TijdschriftJournal of Molecular Spectroscopy
Vroegere onlinedatum28-feb.-2014
StatusPublished - jun.-2014

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