Tremor recording and analysis as a tool for target localization in thalamotomy and DBS for tremor

H. L. Journee, D. J. Hamoen, M. J. Staal, R. Sclabassi, R. Haaxma, A. Elands, J. J.J. Hummel



    The objective of this work was to design and use a tremor and analysis system for stereotactic thalamotomy and thalamus stimulation (DBS). A notebook PC based system was developed. The tremor was measured by accelero-transducers or EMG. The method was used to confirm the definitive localization of the coagulation or stimulation target. Intra-operatively recorded effects of stimulation on the tremor were reproducible. Thermocoagulation and electrode implantation were done only after a significant reduction of the tremor was recorded on thalamic stimulation between 75 and 125 Hz. This method has been used on 9 patients; 2 underwent DBS implantation. It is concluded that intra-operative monitoring of the tremor during ventrolateral thalamotomy or stimulation is useful for identifying the final target for coagulation or electrode implantation.
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    StatusPublished - 1996

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