Jonathan Johannes Zandman (Uitvinder), Wouter Hagedoorn (Uitvinder), Theo Johannes Klinkenburg (Uitvinder), Massimo Mariani (Uitvinder), Michiel Johannes Antonius Jannink (Uitvinder)



Trocar for instrument access to body cavities in minimally invasive surgery, the trocar comprising: - a body having a first access opening and at least one second access opening, each for inserting an instrument; - a cannula arranged with a proximal end to the body and having a distal end suitable for insertion into body cavities in minimally invasive surgery, wherein the cannula has a substantially constant out of round cross-section along is length, wherein a channel in the cannula is connected to the first access opening to provide a first passageway for an instrument and to the second access opening to provide at least one second passageway separate from said first passageway; and - a gas inlet arranged at the body and in fluid connection with the at least one passageway for inflating the body cavity with a gas, such as carbon dioxide gas.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 9-okt.-2014

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