Tube feeding of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy

E. G. E. de Vries*, W. M. T. Kreumer, D. L. Schippers, N. H. Mulder

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    As many chemotherapeutic agents affect the alimentary tract the use of hyperalimentation with tube feeding during and after chemotherapy has been limited. However, patients do tolerate tube feeding well despite chemotherapy. The feeding has to be administered as continuous drip infusion and in case of bone marrow depression sterile feeding is necessary. Enteral nutrition is more physiologic, safer, easier and less expensive than parenteral nutrition. With enteral hyperalimentation the nutritional needs can be fulfilled to a large extent. Much research will be necessary to investigate the effect of enteral (hyper) alimentation on tumor metabolism and clinical effect of chemotherapy.
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    TijdschriftMedical oncology and tumor pharmacotherapy
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    StatusPublished - 1985

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