Turbulent Details Simulation for SPH Fluids via Vorticity Refinement

Sinuo Liu, Xiaokun Wang*, Xiaojuan Ban, Yanrui Xu, Jing Zhou, Jiří Kosinka, Alexandru C. Telea

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A major issue in smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) approaches is the numerical dissipation during the projection process, especially under coarse discretizations. High-frequency details, such as turbulence and vortices, are smoothed out, leading to unrealistic results. To address this issue, we introduce a vorticity refinement (VR) solver for SPH fluids with negligible computational overhead. In this method, the numerical dissipation of the vorticity field is recovered by the difference between the theoretical and the actual vorticity, so as to enhance turbulence details. Instead of solving the Biot-Savart integrals, a stream function, which is easier and more efficient to solve, is used to relate the vorticity field to the velocity field. We obtain turbulence effects of different intensity levels by changing an adjustable parameter. Since the vorticity field is enhanced according to the curl field, our method can not only amplify existing vortices, but also capture additional turbulence. Our VR solver is straightforward to implement and can be easily integrated into existing SPH methods.

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StatusPublished - feb.-2021

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