Twelve tips for patient involvement in health professions education

Charlotte Eijkelboom, Marianne Brouwers, Joost Frenkel, Petra van Gurp, Debbie Jaarsma, Roos de Jonge, Jur Koksma, Dante Mulder, Evelyn Schaafsma, Carolin Sehlbach, Franca Warmenhoven, Agnes Willemen, Anne de la Croix

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    Moving towards person-centered care, with equal partnership between healthcare professionals and patients, requires a solid role for the patient in the education of students and professionals. Patients can be involved as teachers, assessors, curriculum developers, and policy-makers. Yet, many of the initiatives with patients are isolated, small events for targeted groups and there is a lack of patient involvement at the institutional level. To support educators in involving patients, both at the institutional level and at single educational encounters, we offer twelve practical tips. This paper came about through an innovative collaboration between healthcare professionals, educators, teachers, and patients. These tips can be used as a tool to start or reinforce patient involvement in health professions education and provide guidance on how to make it a sustainable part of the curriculum. The article involves organizational conditions for success, tips for sustainable partnerships, ideas for curriculum design and proposes concrete teaching strategies. Finally, besides practical tips, we stress that involving patients in education is not business as usual, and paradoxically this needs to be acknowledged before it can become business as usual.

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    TijdschriftPatient Education and Counseling
    StatusPublished - 1-jan.-2023

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