Two allelic forms of the aureolysin gene (aur) within Staphylococcus aureus

A Sabat, K Kosowska, K Poulsen, A Kasprowicz, A Sekowska, B van den Burg, J Travis, J Potempa*

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Proteinases of Sfaphylococcus aureus are emerging as potential virulence factors which may be involved in the pathogenecity of staphylococcal diseases. We describe here the structure of the gene encoding the metalloproteinase referred to as aureolysin. This gene occurs in two allelic forms and is strongly conserved among S. aureus strains, implying the possibility that the proteinase may have important housekeeping functions.

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TijdschriftInfection and Immunity
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StatusPublished - feb-2000

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