Two recent p-adic approaches towards the (effective) Mordell conjecture

Jennifer S. Balakrishnan*, Alex J. Best, Francesca Bianchi, Brian Lawrence, J. Steffen Müller, Nicholas Triantafillou, Jan Vonk

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We give an introductory account of two recent approaches towards an effective proof of the Mordell conjecture, due to Lawrence--Venkatesh and Kim. The latter method, which is usually called the method of Chabauty--Kim or non-abelian Chabauty in the literature, has the advantage that in some cases it has been turned into an effective method to determine the set of rational points on a curve, and we illustrate this by presenting three new examples of modular curves where this set can be determined.
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TitelRegulators IV
SubtitelAn international conference on arithmetic L-functions and differential geometric methods
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StatusPublished - 2021

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