Gaussian graphical models (GGMs) are network models where random
variables are represented by nodes and their pair-wise partial correlation by
edges. The inference of a GGM demands the estimation of the precision matrix
(i.e. the inverse of the covariance matrix); however, this becomes problematic
when the number of variables is larger than the sample size. Covariance estimators based on shrinkage (a type of regularization) overcome these pitfalls and result in a ’shrunk’ version of the GGM. Traditionally, shrinkage is justified at model level (as a regularized covariance). In this work, we re-interpret the shrinkage from a data level perspective (as a regularized data). Our result allows the propagation of uncertainty from the data into the GGM structure.
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StatusPublished - 24-jul.-2020
Evenement35th International Workshop
on Statistical Modelling
- Bilbao, Spain
Duur: 20-jul.-202024-jul.-2020
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Conference35th International Workshop
on Statistical Modelling
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