Understanding resident satisfaction with involvement in highway planning: in-depth interviews during a highway planning process in the Netherlands

Marije Hamersma*, Eva Heinen, Taede Tillema, Jos Arts

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This study investigates resident satisfaction with provided involvement activities during highway planning processes, with particular attention given to the planned Southern Ring Road highway project in Groningen, the Netherlands. In-depth interviews with 38 residents living in the project area reveal important themes contributing to satisfaction. Satisfaction with passive information activities is motivated by the extent to which information addresses concerns, but (dis)trust in government and other information sources also plays a role. For residents preferring to obtain additional information, perceived access to such information and the extent to which it reduces concerns are also important to satisfaction. Finally, for residents who would rather participate actively, satisfaction is motivated by their perceived access to participation activities and the sense of being heard. Study results show how residents' evaluations of the themes underpinning involvement satisfaction are based on their perceptions of actual project team activities and contextual factors.

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TijdschriftJournal of Environmental Planning and Management
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StatusPublished - 2018

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