Unfalsified approach to data-driven control design

Giorgio Battistelli, Daniele Mari, Daniela Selvi, Pietro Tesi*

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The paper deals with the problem of designing controllers from experimental data. We propose a non-iterative direct approach in which the parameters of a controller of a prescribed order and structure are optimized with respect to a relevant performance criterion. The proposed approach builds upon the so-called unfalsified control theory. This is the key point which makes it possible to derive simple and intuitive relations between the choice of the performance criterion to optimize and closed-loop stability conditions, thus making it possible to derive a data-driven controller tuning procedure incorporating simple stability tests. An example is presented to substantiate the analysis.
Originele taal-2English
TitelProceedings of the 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
UitgeverijIEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Pagina's6003 - 6008
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ISBN van geprinte versie978-1-4799-7746-8
StatusPublished - dec.-2014
Evenement53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control - Los Angeles, United States
Duur: 15-dec.-201417-dec.-2014


Conference53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
Land/RegioUnited States
StadLos Angeles

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