Unknown, Unloved? Teachers’ Reported Use and Effectiveness of Classroom Management Strategies for Students with Symptoms of ADHD

Geraldina Gaastra*, Yvonne Groen, Lara Tucha, Oliver Tucha

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Background Effectiveness studies indicate various classroom management strategies (CMSs) that are helpful for students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but little is known about teachers’ experiences with these CMSs in school practice.
Objective This study examined primary and secondary school teachers’ reported frequency of use and the perceived effectiveness of evidence-based CMSs for students with symptoms of ADHD.
Method Dutch primary (n = 89) and secondary (n = 51) school teachers completed a survey in which they reported how often they use and how effective they experience several CMSs for students with ADHD symptoms. The frequency of use of CMSs was also rated for typically developing (TD) students.
Results Teachers reported applying antecedent-based CMSs most often and self-regulation CMSs least often, which was in accordance with the perceived effectiveness of these types of CMSs. Primary school teachers applied antecedent-based CMSs more often for students with ADHD symptoms than for TD students, whereas secondary school teachers did not adapt their use of CMSs especially for such students. Secondary school teachers with a more positive attitude towards ADHD reported that they use CMSs more frequently for students with ADHD symptoms. Other teacher characteristics did not play a significant role.
Conclusion Teachers’ reported frequency of use and the perceived effectiveness of CMSs for students with ADHD symptoms do not conform to evidence-based effectiveness. Regarding the use of CMSs, secondary school teachers generally do not provide additional support for students with ADHD symptoms. These findings have important implications for the provision of adequate teacher training.
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TijdschriftChild & Youth Care Forum
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StatusPublished - 2020

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