Upconversion channels in Er3+ ZBLALiP fluoride glass microspheres

D. G. O'Shea, J. M. Ward, B. J. Shortt, M. Mortier, P. Feron, S. Nic Chormaic*

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We present results on the realization of a multicolour microspherical glass light source fabricated from the erbium doped fluoride glass ZBLALiP. Whispering gallery mode lasing and upconversion processes give rise to laser and fluorescent emissions at multiple wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the infrared. Thirteen discrete emissions ranging from 320 to 849 nm have been observed in the upconversion spectrum. A Judd-Ofelt analysis was performed to calculate the radiative properties of Er3+:ZBLALiP microspheres, including the radiative transition probabilities, the electric dipole strengths, the branching ratios and the radiative lifetimes of the transitions involved. We have also identified the primary processes responsible for the generation of the observed wavelengths and have shown that this material has an improved range of emissions over other erbium doped fluoride glasses.

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TijdschriftThe European Physical Journal Applied Physics
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StatusPublished - nov-2007
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