Upper Blepharoplasty: aesthetic and functional aspects


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    We systematically reviewed the literature and concluded that upper blepharoplasty is accompanied by a great variety of beneficial functional outcomes including an increased visual field and improvement in headache- and vision-related quality of life. Patients are generally satisfied after an upper blepharoplasty. We performed a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the functional and aesthetic aspects of two blepharoplasty techniques (the removal of skin only or additional removal of orbicularis oculi muscle). PROMs and functional outcome measures were used to evaluate the outcomes. The PROMs improved postoperatively for both groups, but the FACE-Q score regarding the eyes in general was higher (+17.5%) in the skin-only group. Also, subjective dry eye complaints in the long term decreased, which did not apply to the tear dynamics. The improvement was independent of the blepharoplasty technique used. Also, the eyebrow height decreased and patients reported less headaches after upper blepharoplasty irrespective of the used technique.

    Two excision shapes were evaluated: the laterally extended skin excision and traditional skin excision. Both excision shapes result in positive aesthetic results, but the laterally extended skin excision technique is accompanied by a slightly more favourable outcome.

    Also, we assessed the reproducibility of scanning in the periorbital region with
    3D technology to enable objective evaluations of surgical treatment. Scanning with a hand-held 3D-scanning device (Artec Space Spider) is a promising tool to assess changes in the periorbital region following surgical treatment since the median deviations are well below the clinically accepted 1mm measuring error.
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