Using real-world data to monitor and improve quality of care in coronary artery disease: results from the Netherlands Heart Registration

Netherlands Heart Registration, Marijke J. C. Timmermans*, Saskia Houterman, Edgar D. Daeter, Peter W. Danse, Wilson W. Li, Erik Lipsic, Maaike M. Roefs, Dennis van Veghel

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    Worldwide, quality registries for cardiovascular diseases enable the use of real-world data to monitor and improve the quality of cardiac care. In the Netherlands Heart Registration (NHR), cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons register baseline, procedural and outcome data across all invasive cardiac interventional, electrophysiological and surgical procedures. This paper provides insight into the governance and processes as organised by the NHR in collaboration with the hospitals. To clarify the processes, examples are given from the percutaneous coronary intervention and coronary artery bypass grafting registries. Physicians who are mandated by their hospital to instruct the NHR to process their data are united in registration committees. The committees determine standard sets of variables and periodically discuss the completeness and quality of data and patient-relevant outcomes. In the case of significant variation in outcomes, processes of healthcare delivery are discussed and good practices are shared in a non-competitive and safe setting. To create new insights for further improvement in patient-relevant outcomes, quality projects are initiated on, for example, multivessel disease treatment, cardiogenic shock and diagnostic intracoronary procedures. Moreover, possibilities are explored to expand the quality registries through additional relevant indicators, such as resource use before and after the procedure, by enriching NHR data with other existing data resources.

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    StatusPublished - dec.-2022

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