Using self-regulation assessment to explore associations between self-regulation, participation and health-related quality of life in a rehabilitation population

Tanja I. Mol, Eline W.M. Scholten, Coen A.M. van Bennekom, Johanna M.A. Visser, Michiel F. Reneman, Vincent de Groot, Jan Willem G. Meijer, Rob J.E.M. Smeets, M. Marcel W.M. Post*

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Objective: Self-regulation, participation and health-related quality of life are important rehabilitation outcomes. The aim of this study was to explore associations between these outcomes in a multi-diagnostic and heterogenic group of former rehabilitation patients.

Methods: This cross-sectional survey used the Self-Regulation Assessment (SeRA), Utrecht Scale for Evaluation of Rehabilitation-Participation (USER-Participation) and the Patient-Reported-Outcome-Measurement-System (PROMIS) ability and PROMIS satisfaction with participation in social roles, and the EuroQol-5L-5D and PROMIS-10 Global Health. Regression analyses, controlling for demographic and condition-related factors, were performed.

Results: Respondents (n=563) had a mean age of 56.5 (standard deviation (SD) 12.7) years. The largest diagnostic groups were chronic pain disorder and brain injury. In addition to demographic and condition-related factors, self-regulation subscales explained 0–15% of the variance in participation outcome scores, and 0–22% of the variance in HRQoL outcome scores. Self-regulation subscales explained up to 22% of the variance in satisfaction subscales of participation (USER-Participation and PROMIS) and the mental health subscale of the PROMIS-10. Self-regulation subscales explained up to 11% of the restriction and frequency subscales of participation (USER-Participation) and the physical health subscale of the PROMIS-10.

Conclusion: Self-regulation is more strongly associated with outcomes such as satisfaction with participation and mental health compared with outcomes such as restrictions in participation and physical health.

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TijdschriftJournal of Rehabilitation Medicine
StatusPublished - 7-feb.-2023

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