Validation of a 16-Item Short Form of the Czech Version of the Experiences in Close Relationships Revised Questionnaire in a Representative Sample

Natália Kaščáková, Daniela Husárová, Jozef Hašto, Peter Kolarčik, Iva Poláčková Šolcová, Andrea Madarasová Gecková, Peter Tavel

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The aim of this study was to create a shorter Czech version (ECR-R-16) of the Revised Experiences in Close Relationships (ECR-R) questionnaire and to assess its psychometric properties. Data from a representative sample of the Czech population from 15 to 90 years old (N = 1000, M age = 46.0 years, SD = 17.3) were collected using a face-to-face structured interview in 2014. The developed short form of the Czech version of the ECR-R showed good internal consistency (alphas varied from .84 to .90), and both exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses replicated the two-dimensional model. The results also demonstrated concurrent validity with measures of neuroticism, self-esteem, and positive and negative affect. People living with a partner and people with higher educational levels had significantly lower Avoidance scores than people living alone and people with lower educational levels. It was concluded that the ECR-R-16 questionnaire has good psychometric properties and is a valid assessment method in the Czech cultural context, suitable for research and clinical studies, when the shorter form of a measure is desirable.

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TijdschriftPsychological Reports
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StatusPublished - dec.-2016
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