Waarden in Crowdfunding: Empirisch onderzoek naar de achterliggende waardeoriëntaties van crowdfunders in Nederland


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    This research aims to sketch the values driving crowdfunding of art and culture in the Netherlands. It is based on qualitative and quantitative analyses of donors through the website voordekunst.nl. the reserach instrument is based on teh value sociology of Boltanski en Thévenot which was alos applied in reserach of the values behind public funders to theatre in the Netherlands. As a result comparisons can be made.

    It turns out crowdfunding centers around values artists themselves hold dear: a very personal connection to a project which means the development of artistic forms or of the career of the maker. Moreover, crowdfunders consider the general interest, they feel the arts are important to society, and value the expertise of project makers. These are values comparable to the public funders of the art in the Netherlands. However, crowdfunding appears to only be of interest for a particular section of the cultural sector: young makers who still have to earn an artistic reputations and whose work is organized on project basis. Structural cultural facilities, which comprise the backbone of the cultural system that these young artists also make use of, cannot be funded through crowdfunding.
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageValues in Crowdfunding: Emprical evidence on the value orientations of crowdfunders in the Netherlands
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    UitgeverijUniversity of Groningen, Research Centre Arts in Society
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    StatusPublished - 2017

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