Values Versus Environmental Knowledge as Triggers of a Process of Activation of Personal Norms for Eco-Driving

Ayça Berfu Ünal, Linda Steg, Madelijne Gorsira

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Eco-driving can be an effective strategy to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions on the road. In the current study, we reason that personal norms are important predictors of eco-driving, and that they are activated when people are aware of environmental problems caused by behavior (problem awareness) and believe that they can contribute to the solution of the problem by changing behavior (outcome efficacy). Extending previous research, we aim at testing two antecedents of this norm activation process: values and environmental knowledge. Results revealed that in comparison with knowledge, values-in particular biospheric values-were strongly associated with the intention to eco-drive by being highly related to awareness of problems caused by car use, which in turn was associated with stronger outcome efficacy beliefs and personal norms for eco-driving. Findings indicate that values are more likely to be a motivational force for pro-environmental intentions than is environmental knowledge.

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TijdschriftEnvironment and Behavior
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StatusPublished - dec.-2018

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