Vanillyl alcohol oxidase

Tom A Ewing, Gudrun Gygli, Marco W Fraaije, Willem J H van Berkel*

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This review presents a historical outline of the research on vanillyl alcohol oxidase (VAO) from Penicillium simplicissimum, one of the canonical members of the VAO/PCMH flavoprotein family. After describing its discovery and initial biochemical characterization, we discuss the physiological role, substrate scope, and catalytic mechanism of VAO, and review its three-dimensional structure and mechanism of covalent flavinylation. We also explain how protein engineering provided a deeper insight into the role of certain amino acid residues in determining the substrate specificity and enantioselectivity of the enzyme. Finally, we summarize recent computational studies about the migration of substrates and products through the enzyme's structure and the phylogenetic distribution of VAO and related enzymes.

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TitelFlavin-Dependent Enzymes
SubtitelMechanisms, Structures and Applications
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StatusPublished - 2020

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