Verification of Monte Carlo calculations of the neutron flux in typical irradiation channels of the TRIGA reactor, Ljubljana

R Jacimovic*, M Maucec, A Trkov

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    An experimental verification of Monte Carlo neutron flux calculations in typical irradiation channels in the TRIGA Mark II reactor at the Jozef Stefan Institute is presented. It was found that the flux, as well as its spectral characteristics, depends rather strongly on the position of the irradiation channel. Comparison of the results for parameter f (thermal-to-epithermal flux ratio), experimentally obtained by the "Cd ratio multimonitor" method and Monte Carlo simulations shows relatively good agreement for most studied configurations except for the channel IC40 in the carousel facility, where differences are relatively large and not understood.

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    TijdschriftJournal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry
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    StatusPublished - 2003

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