Violent conflict and behavior: A field experiment in Burundi

M. J. Voors, E. E. M. Nillesen, P. Verwimp, E. H. Bulte, B. W. Lensink, D. P. van Soest

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We use a series of field experiments in rural Burundi to examine the impact of exposure to conflict on social, risk, and time preferences. We find that conflict affects behavior: individuals exposed to violence display more altruistic behavior towards their neighbors, are more risk-seeking, and have higher discount rates. Large adverse shocks can thus alter savings and investments decisions, and potentially have long-run consequences-even if the shocks themselves are temporary. (JEL C93, D12, D74, 012, 017, 018)

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TijdschriftAmerican Economic Review
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StatusPublished - apr-2012

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