Virtual Ray Tracer 2.0

Chris S. van Wezel, Willard A. Verschoore de la Houssaye, Steffen D. Frey, Jiri Kosinka*

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Building on our original Virtual Ray Tracer tool, we present Virtual Ray Tracer 2.0, an interactive and gamified application that allows students/users to view and explore the ray tracing process in real-time. The application shows a scene containing a camera casting rays which interact with objects in the scene. Users are able to modify and explore ray properties such as their animation speed, the number of rays and their visual style, as well as the material properties of the objects in the scene.

The goal of the application is to help the users—students of Computer Graphics and the general public—to better understand the ray tracing process and its characteristics. This includes not only the basics of ray tracing, but also more advanced concepts such as soft shadows. To invite users to learn and explore, various explanations and scenes are provided by the application at different levels of complexity, each with a step-by-step tutorial. Several user studies showed the effectiveness of the tool in supporting the understanding and teaching of ray tracing. The educational tool is built with the cross-platform engine Unity, and we make it fully available to be extended and/or adjusted to fit the requirements of courses at other institutions, educational tutorials, or of enthusiasts from the general public.
Originele taal-2English
TijdschriftComputers & Graphics
StatusAccepted/In press - 18-jan.-2023

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