Visible-Light-Driven Rotation of Molecular Motors in a Dual-Function Metal-Organic Framework Enabled by Energy Transfer

Wojciech Danowski, Fabio Castiglioni, Andy S. Sardjan, Simon Krause, Lukas Pfeifer, Diederik Roke, Angiolina Comotti, Wesley R. Browne*, Ben L. Feringa

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The visible-light-driven rotation of an overcrowded alkene-based molecular motor strut in a dual-function metal-organic framework (MOF) is reported. Two types of functional linkers, a palladium-porphyrin photosensitizer and a bispyridine-derived molecular motor, were used to construct the framework capable of harvesting low-energy green light to power the rotary motion. The molecular motor was introduced in the framework using the postsynthetic solvent-assisted linker exchange (SALE) method, and the structure of the material was confirmed by powder (PXRD) and single-crystal X-ray (SC-XRD) diffraction. The large decrease in the phosphorescence lifetime and intensity of the porphyrin in the MOFs upon introduction of the molecular motor pillars confirms efficient triplet-to-triplet energy transfer between the porphyrin linkers and the molecular motor. Near-infrared Raman spectroscopy revealed that the visible light-driven rotation of the molecular motor proceeds in the solid state at rates similar to those observed in solution.

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TijdschriftJournal of the American Chemical Society
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StatusPublished - 13-mei-2020

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