Research on talent and performance development has primarily focused on inter-individual differences. However, research suggests that performance and the underlying determinants change over time, in an individual-specific dynamic way. This chapter illustrates a method to measure, understand, and visualize the performance- and psychosocial dynamics of a talented adolescent athlete. During one season, a talented tennis player filled out an online diary questionnaire twice a week. We visualized the results using R-scripts that we made openly available. This facilitated the interpretation of the athlete’s performance- and psychosocial dynamics, which are influenced by particular events in the athlete’s life. Altogether, the current study provides insight into how the adolescent and the context interact and mutually affect each other in successive iterations.
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TitelPsychosocial Development in Adolescence
SubtitelInsights from the Dynamic Systems Approach
RedacteurenE. Saskia Kunnen, Naomi N. P. De Ruiter, Bertus F. Jeronimus, Mandy A. E. Van der Gaag
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StatusPublished - 2019

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NaamStudies in Adolescent Development


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