VizieR Online Data Catalog: NGC3115 & NGC1399 VEGAS-SSS globular clusters (Cantiello+, 2018)

M. Cantiello, R. D'Abrusco, M. Spavone, M. Paolillo, M. Capaccioli, L. Limatola, A. Grado, E. Iodice, G. Raimondo, N. Napolitano, J. P. Blakeslee, E. Brocato, D. A. Forbes, M. Hilker, S. Mieske, R. Peletier, G. van de Ven, P. Schipani

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Photometric catalogs for globular cluster (GC) candidates over the the 1 sq. degree area around NGC3115 and NGC1399 (ngc3115.dat and ngc1399.dat). The catalogues are based on u-, g- and i- band images from the VST elliptical galaxies survey (VEGAS). Aperture magnitudes, corrected for aperture correction are reported. We also provide the full catalogs of matched sources, which also include the matched background and foreground sources in the frames (ngc3115_full.dat and ngc1399_full.dat).

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TijdschriftVizieR Online Data Catalog
StatusPublished - 1-nov.-2017

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