Volumetric Effect and Patient Satisfaction after Facial Fat Grafting

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Background: Facial fat grafts decrease in volume after transplantation. This observation is based on overall facial three-dimensional analyses, because there is sparse information on volume changes in well-defined aesthetic areas. The authors aimed to assess the overall and, more specifically, the local volumetric effects of facial fat grafting and relate these effects to patient satisfaction up to 1 year after treatment.

Methods: All consecutive adult female patients who were scheduled for facial fat grafting without additional surgical procedures were asked to participate. All patients underwent the same fat grafting method. An algorithm-based personalized aesthetic template was applied to define specific aesthetic areas on the preoperative three-dimensional image. Objective outcome parameters [i.e., three-dimensional volume differences, patient satisfaction (FACE-Q questionnaire)] were measured at baseline and at 6 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months after fat grafting.

Results: Of 33 female patients who underwent a facial fat graft procedure, 23 patients had complete three-dimensional data and were eligible for analysis. The highest volume gain was observed 6 weeks after grafting and was followed by a gradual loss thereafter. Overall and in the zygomatic area, a substantial gain in volume was still present 1 year after grafting, whereas this effect was lost in the lip area. FACE-Q scales Satisfaction with Facial Appearance Overall and Satisfaction with Cheeks improved too, whereas scores for Lines: Lips returned to baseline levels. The improvement in FACE-Q scales was in agreement with the objective change in volume.

Conclusion: Gain in overall and local volumetric effects is accompanied by comparable changes in patient satisfaction.

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