Walls Won’t Work: International law for sustainable migration



In this essay I argue that to find sustainable solutions for handling international migration it is necessary to develop fundamental international principles on migration as a basis for global governance and international law. The essay briefly discusses general aspects of migration and migration law and then distinguishes three aspects that need to be addressed: the realities of international migration; the need of guiding principles; the need for gradual changes in international law that reflect the fact that issues such as international migration can only be solved at an international level through a system of law that finds a better balance between international law as the law of and for states and international law as the law of the international human society.
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StatusUnpublished - dec-2016
EvenementRound table on Migration - Institute for Legal Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
Duur: 6-jun-20166-jun-2016


ConferenceRound table on Migration

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