Watching molecular excitons move

Oleg V. Kozlov, Foppe de Haan, Ross A. Kerner, Barry P. Rand, David Cheyns, Maxim S. Pshenichnikov

OnderzoeksoutputAcademicpeer review


A novel spectroscopic method to track dynamics of the molecular excitons in organic semiconductors with femtosecond accuracy is proposed and realized. Extremely efficient exciton diffusion in vacuum-deposited C70 fullerene layers is demonstrated.

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TitelInternational Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, UP 2016
UitgeverijOSA - The Optical Society
ISBN van geprinte versie9781943580187
StatusPublished - 18-jul-2016
EvenementInternational Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, UP 2016 - Santa Fe, United States
Duur: 17-jul-201622-jul-2016

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ConferenceInternational Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, UP 2016
Land/RegioUnited States
StadSanta Fe

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