‘We Learn Together’—Translanguaging within a Holistic Approach towards Multilingualism in Education

Joana Duarte*, Mirjam Günther -van der Meij

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    Within two multilingual education projects in the north of the Netherlands a holistic model for multilingualism in education is being tested. This is done through design-based interventions in which in- and pre-service teachers, teacher trainers and researchers co-develop and evaluate multilingual activities for different school types. Results show that through experimenting in a safe environment teachers gradually embraced their pupils’ multilingualism. This contradicts earlier findings on teachers strongly favouring monolingual instruction and viewing migrant languages as a deficit.
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    TitelInclusion, Education and Translanguaging
    SubtitelHow to Promote Social Justice in (Teacher) Education?
    RedacteurenJulie A. Panagiotopoulou, Lisa Rosen, Jenna Strzykala
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    StatusPublished - 2020

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    NaamInklusion und Bildung in Migrationsgesellschaften

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