What affects the implementation of lifestyle interventions in patients with osteoarthritis? A multidisciplinary focus group study among healthcare professionals

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PURPOSE: To identify factors affecting the implementation of lifestyle interventions (LIs) in patients with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis (OA) from the perspective of primary and secondary healthcare professionals (HCPs) in the Dutch healthcare system.

METHODS: Multidisciplinary focus groups were composed. Data analysis was performed following thematic analysis. The Tailored Implementation for Chronic Diseases checklist was used to guide data analysis.

RESULTS: Four focus groups meetings were conducted with 38 participating HCPs (general practitioners (or in-training), orthopedic surgeons (or in-training), physiotherapists, dieticians, a general practice assistant, lifestyle counselors, and nurse practitioners). Influencing factors were grouped into nine themes: (1) intervention factors; (2) individual HCP factors; (3) patient factors; (4) professional interactions; (5) incentives and resources; (6) capacity for organizational change; (7) social, political and legal factors; (8) patient and HCP interactions; and (9) disease factors.

CONCLUSIONS: A wide variety of factors affecting the implementation of LIs was identified in this study, where the importance of effective interdisciplinary collaboration was emphasized by the multidisciplinary group of participants. This thorough analysis of influencing factors is an important first step toward improved implementation of LIs within OA care. Further research is required to identify the most significant targets for change in daily practice.Implications for RehabilitationThe implementation of lifestyle interventions (LIs) by healthcare professionals (HCPs) in patients with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis (OA) is affected by both individual and environmental factors.The influencing factors identified in this study can support the development of interventions aimed at improving the implementation of LIs in OA care.A multilevel approach is required when developing interventions to improve the implementation of LIs in OA care.Continued efforts of both primary and secondary HCPs and policymakers are needed in order to promote the use of LIs within OA care.

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