When It Takes Three to Tango in the Digital Transformation Age: Synergies between Digital Orientation, Change Commitment and Organizational Agility

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Research is inconclusive about the drivers of digital transformation. Drawing on the awareness-motivation-capability (A–M–C) framework, this study proposes a framework of three key drivers: digital orientation, change commitment and organizational agility, which jointly and synergistically support digital transformation. Survey data from 235 Dutch firms support our theory and indicate that organizational agility can only have a positive influence on digital transformation when digital orientation and change commitment are present. This study extends our understanding of the drivers of digital transformation and challenges a sole focus on agility in past research.
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TitelInternational Conference on Information Systems Proceedings
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StatusPublished - 2020
EvenementInternational Conference on Information Systems 2019 - Munich, Germany
Duur: 15-dec-201918-dec-2019


ConferenceInternational Conference on Information Systems 2019

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