When the Common Good Takes the Grand(est) Stage: The Cosmic Common Good: Religious Grounds for Ecological Ethics, P., Daniel Scheid, Oxford University Press, 2016 (ISBN 978‐0‐19‐935943‐1), xvi + 248 pp.,



Rooting itself in Catholic social teaching rather than theology of creation, this book develops a novel approach to Catholic ecological ethics. It argues that the traditional conception of the social common good should be fully broadened to encompass all creation, including abiota. Furthermore, the book suggests a comparative‐theological approach to ecological ethics through careful conversations with Buddhist, Hindu, and American Lakota conceptions and practices. While its vision of the cosmic common good at times appears too inclusive and perhaps ‘too good to be true’, this book is a valuable contribution to Christian ecological ethics and includes a fresh comparative‐theological take on ecological questions.
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TijdschriftReviews in Religion and Theology
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StatusPublished - 2017
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