Which determinants should be targeted to increase influenza vaccination uptake among health care workers in nursing homes?

I Looijmans-van den Akker, J J M van Delden, Th J M Verheij, G A van Essen, M A B van der Sande, M E Hulscher, E Hak

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Although health care workers (HCWs) have been recommended to be immunized against influenza, vaccine uptake remains low. So far, research on determinants of influenza vaccination among HCWs has been limited by design, population or theoretical framework. Therefore we conducted a questionnaire study in Dutch nursing homes to assess which demographical, behavioural and organisational determinants were associated with influenza vaccine uptake among HCWs. We were able to accurately predict vaccine uptake based on a 13-item prediction model including two demographical, nine behavioural and two organisational determinants developed with data from 1,125 respondents (response rate 60%). To further increase influenza vaccine uptake, implementation programs should target these determinants.

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StatusPublished - 23-jul-2009
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