Wish you were here: The Dutch, German, and English Yearning in Situations of Loss Short Form

Maarten C. Eisma*, Eva-Maria Stelzer, Lonneke I. M. Lenferink, Lindsey M. Knowles, Sarah K. Gastmeier, Maria Angelopoulou, Bettina K. Doering, Mary-Frances O'Connor

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Objective(s) Yearning, a hallmark of grief disorders, relates to rumination and potentially to cognitive avoidance. We developed an 8-item short form of the only existing validated yearning measure, the Yearning in Situations of Loss Scale (YSL), to improve its validity and administration ease.

Method Cross-sectional surveys were conducted among bereaved Dutch (N = 313) and German (N = 235) community samples and an American treatment-seeking sample (N = 95). All samples completed the YSL, and community samples additionally measures of rumination, loss-related avoidance, complicated grief (CG), and depression.

Results A one-factor model provided a good fit to the YSL Short Form (YSL-SF) in the community samples. A two-factor structure (cognitive and emotional yearning)best fitted the YSL-SF in the treatment-seeking sample. YSL-SF scores correlated positively with rumination, loss-related avoidance, and with CG symptoms whilst controlling for rumination and loss-related avoidance.

Conclusion The YSL-SF appears an easy-to-administer and valid measure of yearning after bereavement.

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TijdschriftJournal of clinical psychology
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StatusPublished - okt-2020

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